Tale Of Two Rides

20160127_091400 (1)
This morn

Seems like my riding comes in waves. I got out for the Tuesday nite ride only to follow it up with a ride before work this morn.

The local trails are in amazing shape. They feel faster than summer right now and its pretty much game on. As much as Im a bit tired of the same old lap they are in such good shape you can not ride them. Im leaving the bike on my car and might get out a bit tomorrow morn too.

Last nite we had about 5 guys and we split up be 2 and 3 rider groups. I was in the slower 3 bike group and it was a ride ride complete with talking. A very nice ride. Temps in the upper 20’s.

Last nite

Very comfortable. I had my winter helmet since it had the light mount on it and it was just too warm for that thing and I sweated that ride out. I need to remember to only bring that thing out if the temps are under 20 degrees.

This morn I was right back on the same trails. Just rippin it up. As best as I can rip anyways. Its nice to be able to get at least some time on a bike before I leave for Marquette in just a few days. Busy days here has me not even thinking about that yet.

This morn

Temps up there this weekend look to be pretty warm. Looks like early morning rides will be best to take advantage of the freeze\thaw cycle. I huge swing in temps could make the trails rock solid in the morning. Before noon.

That’s the deal here too. Temps hit just above freezing in the afternoon and softens up the snow. Then it freezes at nite and they are rock hard in the morning. Until it get warm again. You just got to time out the cycle.

Im sure I will be getting things ready here in a day or so. Setting up things for when Im gone. I’ve got good help so there is not a lot to do this time of year.


Wa da ya think?

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