Early Start

An early post today. I even set an alarm this morning and thats unheard of for a bike shop owner. My procrastination has come to a boiling point this morn. My accountant is comingtax_day_accountant_chicken_numbers_fun_art_classic_round_sticker-rbecb009777aa4e7dbdb6706f9d10e1a5_v9waf_8byvr_1024 tomorrow at 11am and I need to do my part to close the books on 2015. I could have easily kept up all year month by month. It’s maybe 45 minutes per month to account for everything. But I hate this stuff and now I have 6 months to do before she gets here. And I really need to do it during non business hours to concentrate. So here I am, in the store by 7am, most likely staying late. Most likely coming early again tomorrow.

You think I would learn. Maybe this year I’ll keep up better and avoid this day. Probably not.

On to the bike. No real news there. I have the correct crank on, wheels are here (pics to come) and all the Di2 drive is in a box in a UPS truck somewhere. With this being a busy week ( prep for Marquette next weekend) I might just leave it all in the box until I get back. I have no idea how that XTR stuff sets up although it can’t be that much different that the road group, if any difference at all. I still need to measure and order the wires. I have no idea how the wire is wired from the shifter to the A junction,  down the bar, thru the stem, into the frame and down to the B junction, then back up the downtube to the battery ( that is in the steertube) and another over to the rear D? I have not looked into it yet so it might be simple. Hope so.


This weekend I had some good riding. Saturday morn I hit the beach like I did Friday morn. But big changes overnight and the beach was crap to ride on. One day it’s awesome, the next is practicaly unrideable. Huge wave surge had us riding IN the lake quite a bit. Not the most fun but a ride is a ride. Bike needs some love now to get rid of all the sand.

Sunday I got out for a good hour in the woods and that was a lot better. The trails here are rock solid and fast. A small dusting on top freshened it up a bit and the riding was a blast. Almost faster than summer. I am getting kinda tired of the same loop out there but its in such good shape. We’ll head out there again tomorrow for the Tuesday nite ride.

Besides not riding today Im going to try and get out at least a little every day to help for their upcoming Marquette weekend. Right now there are 5 of us going and Im by far the slowest right now. In fact I plan on being by myself about 80% of the time out on the trails. Lots of climbing there.

More on the later. I better get to my books. Best case senario is I finish today. But most likely I will be here again tomorrow morning. The life of a small biz owner. Do the books and clean the bathroom all in the same morning…


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