Beach Ride


Finally. A bike ride. I feel good enough to ride and man can I feel the lack of seat time. Kinda feels like Im back to zero again. And Im not surprised with my Holiday weight gain breaking all existing records. Im embarrassed to even publish my weight right now. And here a week before Marquette and 5 weeks before the Birkie, which I am not considering as a race. For me it will be more like a sagged ride. A big group ride.

But seriously I need to work on my weight. Its getting critical. Every joint from my hips on down hurts to walk. But not to ride so ride I must. And eat less.

Moving on….  todays ride was very nice. The beach is in prime shape and super fun to ride. Temps are in the double digits and that makes thing just easy. The fat bike group here is so involved with the woods that they forgot about the beach and that’s a sad thing cuz its a ride you can’t do everywhere. We are blessed with over 15 miles of rideable beach. Both ways is a 30 miles ride and that awesome.

We did this beach riding for years with MTB’s. Now that everyone is on fatties they stay in the trails and forget about the beach. I got over 15 miles this morn and Im going to leave the bike on the car and do 15 more in the  morning before work.

Let’s move to the new build. I verified with Shimano that the drive line was in fact shipped yesterday. I should get it Wednesday. Man, if things come together smoothly I could take it to Marquette with me! But Im not banking on it. In fact, the first glitch of the build came up already yesterday.

I went to put the crank on the bike and found out I bought the wrong size shaft. Next SL’s come in two length of crank.  One is the call for 190mmrear bikes and one they call for 170mm. Well the Trek 9.8 is a 197 so I ordered the longer one. Wrong. Even at the wider rear hub the bike used the shorted one. So I boxed up the wrong one to send back and ordered the right one. I actually glad its the shorter one. Keeps the Q factor down a bit.

So the new crank came today already and crisis averted. Until the next one comes along. when working with all new stuff that’s just going to happen. The entire bike goes together one piece at a time. Wheels should be here Monday. Actually just the front as I’ve had the rear for awhile and was waiting on the hub to do the front. Im sure I’ll make a good dent in the bike next week if I don’t finish it.

This is going to be a get outside weekend for sure. Ski trails are in great shape, bike trails too. Im sure I’ll find something to do Sunday…. most likely ride to get back in shape for Marquette in a week.

Hope you get outside too.


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