Time To Build

Today seems to be the 6th day of feeling like crap. Seems Im feeling fine later at nite when Im home but when I get up in the morning I spend a lot of time coughing up the grossest shit you ever saw. Im getting impatient. I can’t have another ruined weekend. And with the temps climbing up to near normal and the below zero crap gone there will be a lot going on outside…

And so it begins….

Well, I got good news. My Shimano rep has found me all the parts needed to go Di2. Everything should ship on Friday. I have to admit I was a little bummed when I had to go back to mechanical. But I love using new stuff for the first time when I build.

I’ve been Di2 on my road\cross bikes for years but this will be the first XTR Di2 that I will build. It is a bit different. The battery is in the forks steer tube. Im getting specific Di2 bars and stem that allows for internal routing. It should be quite the project and a very cool bike when Im done. One of a kind. And I get to learn a thing or two with XTR Di2. So it’s a win\win. I like knowing about stuff and most of the time you just can’t go on what you read. You need to experience it for yourself and that I think works in my favour as far as the store’s concerned.

I’ve been quiet about this so far, mostly cuz Im sick and have a lot going on but Im headed to Marquette in just a day over a week. I can talk about this everyday until I leave but I wont. Its going to be a quick one, leaving Saturday the 30th early and getting home late Sunday. Two rides. Saturday about 10am and early Sunday morn. Thinking about maybe a short nite ride Saturday nite…. maybe.

I won’t have my new bike running by then but that will pretty much be the last rides on the current Farley. Then off to its new owner.

Speaking of rides, it’s been over a week since and Im thinking a small beach ride in the morning. If I feel better it will be longer, if I don’t it will be shorter. Either way Im riding.

Looking forward to that.


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