Down and Out

Its been a crazy few days. I’ve been pretty sick since Thursday, hence no post on Friday. Head and chest is blocked up. Fever, headache and all around feeling like shit.

There was a time this weekend that I thought I might not make it in this morn, but Im here, heavily medicated. I got home from work Saturday around 2pm and never left the couch until I got up to come here today.  Not sure if Im going to make the Tuesday nite ride tomorrow. Last minute call. Moving on…


Parts are arriving almost daily for the Farley build. In addition to the red chainring on the Next SL crank I’ve found a KMC chain to beat all chains.


The KMC X11 DLC red and black combo. Holy crap I didn’t even know this chain existed. I never saw one and if you never did either there is a good reason. This puppy retails for $179 bucks. Yup, not a misprint. Sometimes when Im building a bike I find some small ways to make it one of a kind and this is awesome. It will look great on the bike. Is it strong? Man I hope so because a $40 dollar chain would work just fine. But Im pretty exited to get this on the bike.

By the end of the week I’ll have a few more parts to show off. Spare no expense!


Wa da ya think?

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