Yesterday’s inventory went well. We had it all done in 6 hours. Record time! Now I can put my $1000 scanner away for another year. No real surprises with the count and now I can move on and close the 2015 books.

This morning I set aside some time to groom the ski trail and the snowmobile took a crap. And with my life’s tight schedule Im not sure when I’ll get another chance in the next few days. My only chance will be Saturday morn and that takes away from my ride time. Not sure I want to do that. Maybe another time.

File foto

So I guess I’ll have to see when the thing is fixed.

Still working on my wish list on the Farley. It’s a work in progress for sure. Once all the parts are here is the fun stuff. But putting them all together is a slow process. I’ll keep you posted on the build but it will be at least a week before things start happening… if everything works out to my plan it will be quite the ride. Time will tell.

Looking into my crystal ball we have a Marquette trip planned for the 30\31st. So I have that to work on too. Looks like about 5 of us. As I type, Marquette has yet to get dumped on for snow. They have about 5 inches like we do but the lake effect has yet to fire up. Then it’s 5 inches a day. I hope that happens before our weekend. There’s still time to get a ton of snow.

Looking back in time we had our Tuesday nite ride at about 0 degrees. I was actually pretty comfortable. Much more than I thought I would be. So I was pretty happy that I still can ride below zero rides. I guess Im not getting that old quite yet. There was about 10 bikes on the ride and that’s more than I thought would be. Bummer tho… took off my glasses as they were nothing but fog and lost them. Not expensive ones but my only ones with a clear lens.

I look for another. I actually was looking into goggles but I would only wear them when its extremely cold. And I just don’t see a lot of those rides. If it’s above 10 degrees glasses work just fine.

Better get back to work, before the store opens is the time I do my best ordering.


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