Inventory Day


Today is the dreaded yearly inventory day. Every bike, tool, ball bearing needs to get counted. Inventory is kinda like cleaning the bathroom. You don’t really want to do it but when you finish your glad you did it.

I have my IT guy Ben come in to help as I would be lost with the computer work needed.

But even tho its all done on a computer that’s still way better than with a pen and paper so Im glad to have the million dollar system I have. I did spend about 10k on this software and have since put in another 5k and  as time goes on I forget what that investment does for me but Im reminded today. So it’s off to the counting.

And by counting I mean I aim a gadget at stuff and beep it in.

Even still, it takes pretty much all day so my help is here and we are getting started. The coffee is hot and the gadget it beeping so let’s get this party started.

Its go time.


Wa da ya think?

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