Bike Build!

Farley 9.8. Just like the one I have now but its going to be different.

Its bike build time. Probably the best thing about owning a bike store for me is building my bikes. The ones Im going to ride. Don’t get me wrong, getting a super fancy expensive bike in a box is great too, but nothing touches the custom build and I have a great time doing it.

I get to pick everything. Right down to the spoke nipples. First, I sit down and do what I call mapping the bike. Every part I need I write down and how many. Including hubs and all wheel parts, driveline and cockpit. Every part.

This list gets changed a lot. Some parts are not in stock and that’s frustrating. But as the project is ongoing I start ordering the parts I need one by one. I’ll need to use maybe four distributors to get all the stuff just the way I want it. Shipping costs are high but I don’t care. Sometimes I’ll spend 9 dollars to ship a 5 dollar part. It’s just part of the game. I need, they have.

Pretty much the lightest crank for a fatbike.

Here’s part number one. This crank is on the stock Farley 9.8 and it’s really the top of the food chain for cranks so I’ll get another. However, I added the red chainring to match the Farley. It seems like a little change right now but you add up 10 little changes and you end up with a pretty cool, one of a kind bike.

I have two and a half weeks to get this bike up and running as I have sold the bike Im riding today. Tick tock. Clock is running.

Tonite is the Tuesday nite ride and its going to be a doozy. Near zero temps. Single digits on a sunny day is easy. But at nite its not. I’ll show up but it might be a shorter ride.

And should be a small group. As I get older this stuff is harder to do but still doing it keep me young. If that’s possible.


2 thoughts on “Bike Build!

  1. Hi,

    Loving your posts about your Farley.
    Could you elaborate with the list of parts you are putting in? and the reasoning behind it? (improved part, better position, or simply color matching)

    Looking forward to read more from you.

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