Crazy weather. Al day rain Thurs\Fri. Temps near 40. Saturday was a slow on in the store with all the ski trails closed. Then, we get a little snow on Saturday nite when the temps plummeted. Sundays high was 13. Phone told me  -7 this morn.

The snow did not entirely melt away and with the couple inches we got late Saturday had the trails make a miraculous recovery. Sunday I got out an hour on the Farley and the trails were once again in great shape which is good news. I’ll let everyone run them in a bit and it just might be better than before the thaw. Ski trails too. I hope to get out on the groomer tomorrow and touch up the trails but people have already been on them.

I cant believe its almost the middle of January already. It’s almost time to square up my spring orders. Shimano and Pearl Izumi wanted to send their stuff over mid February but I told them to wait another month. That’s a bit early for summer stuff and with the fitness studio I really don’t have the storage anymore.

Tomorrow I start building my new Farley. I sold the one Im riding and need to give it up by the end of the month. I am planning for Shimano Di2 XTR 1 by 11. But available parts will ultimately decide what its going to be. I already know that I can’t get Treks Wampa carbon wheels until sometime in Feb so I need to improvise. More on that later.

Right now all I have coming for the frame (that Ive had for a long time) is the Next SL crank and some odds and ends. I need to wait a bit for the Shimano stuff if I want to EP it but I can’t wait too long.

I love building up bikes. It’s been awhile.


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