Morning Ski


Today before work I had me another lap around the park on the skis. I think I now skied the same amount this week as all last year.

Right now my skiing is terrible. Almost comic. Added weight and crappier knees makes for bad skiing. So bad it’s almost a wake up call. I for sure only ski alone and heading out to the northern Kettles for some advanced terrain is out of the question.

Today I had some cheap knee support thingies I bought at Walmart and they seemed to help maybe a little but not enough to warrant being as uncomfortable as they make it.

So I think about losing weight and how much better I would be. And I also think about getting my knees fixed and how much better off I would be. I also think how tough it would be as a small business owner. Im alone here at the store quite a bit and it would be tough to find the downtime needed to fix stuff.

Moving on.

Rain coming tonite and all day tomorrow. Then Saturday maybe some more snow. Then Sunday frigid temps. I have no idea what the trails will look like come Sunday. Right now its a crap shoot. Glad I got in another lap today just in case. Any weekend activity is up in the air both bikes and skis.

Store has been busy with ski’s and waxing. It hard to believe that the bike season will begin in just about 8 weeks. When you get old years go fast and days go slow.


Wa da ya think?

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