Power Ranger

I always like to think of me as a trendsetter. I always like to be the first to try things. As new products come out I always want to be the guy who has seen it and done it.

And also, I’ve always went out of my way to color coordinate things. Im pretty sure Im the best at it than most. or at least close to the best.

Today I bring you the matching Garmin. With skins now available you can change the color of your Garmin to match your bike. Here I have a red skin to match my Farley, and a green skin to match the 920. Well, the green is not the same a the safety yellow accents on the 920 but at some point I will have a green bike. I always do.

Leave it to me to take things one step further than most.

Another first in the struggle to maintain the appearance of being pro.


The Tuesday nite ride last nite was awesome. The trails are super firm and you can rip around just as fast as summer dirt. That will change this weekend with warm temp and rain Thurs\Fri. The about 24 hours later sub zero temps to settle in all next week. What a crazy contrast and both scenarios will keep most out of the woods.

I guess it’s just wait and see. The trails have been in such good shape for both ski’s and bikes and it will be near travesty to lose. it.

Fingers cross and hope for the best.


Wa da ya think?

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