Odds and Ends


The freighter traffic is coming to a close soon. Shutting down for the winter. Soon I will take a drive to Sturgeon Bay to see who is all laid up there. There’s always a few big ones in Milwaukee too.

The snow and ski trails are hanging on but we have warm temps and rain predicted for Friday, then a huge cold wave with lows in the single digits behind that. Looks like things could get a little icy. Time will tell. I’ll get one for one more lap Thursday morn before the rain comes…

Tonite is the first of the actual fat bike Tuesday nite rides. Up until tonite you could have used a MTB, actually the last two were road rides as the woods was all mud. Im sure there will be a good turn out and it should be a good time. Warmish temps this week but single digits next. Im not sure how resilient I am to the super cold stuff anymore. Time will tell.

Im setting up our Marquette weekend. On the 30\31st. It will be nice to get up there as I never get there enough. I would have loved to get up to Hayward before that but it looks like that’s not going to happen. But not as big a deal now that we got snow here.

Ive started the parts list for by custom Farley. I need to be done with the build by the end of the month as Ive sold my current  bike. More on this later but its going to be a fun build. I cant wait till its done!

That’s it for today.


Wa da ya think?

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