Holidays Done

Loaded for snow play.

This Holiday weekend is not like the first. I don’t put a lot of time into New Years. When I was younger I did. Nowadays I drive to Green Bay to visit my mom on New Years day. Spend more time with family.

Saturday I was either going to do the Saturday group ride or ski a lap at the park before work and since I needed to be working by 10am I decided to ski. Strangely, not one other rider showed up for the group ride. I believe that is the first time that had happened where the number of riders was zero. As far as my ski went, I woke up late and was in a hurry to get dressed and as I looked at the clock at some point I just bailed when I only had time for maybe a 40 minute ski. So I took back off all the ski clothes and dressed for work and went to the store. So I had a choice of two things to do and I got nothing. After walking out side later that morning and seeing how nice it was I sure wished I had done something that Saturday.

One pic was Christmas Eve, the other was New Years day. Nice contrast. The skiing is still good here.

Before I left the store Saturday I loaded up the bike and the ski’s to see if I could make up for Saturday And I in fact did.

Sunday morn had me in the woods with the bike. Its been a week since the snow and the trails are now packed down good enough for even me to ride on. Some sketchy patches but ridable for the most part. My first “real” snow ride. We had snow in Hayward a month ago but it was a few inches, this is the first “groomable” snow for me this year.

And after the bike ride and a little lunch it was out to the ski trails for a lap. Not a bad day if I say so myself.

For the first time in deep snow I was reminded of how much different my bikes have to be set up due to my weight. Even in the summer with any suspension bikes I am on my own as far as setup. What others are doing does not apply to me and its trial and error to get it to work.

Everyone is sharing their tire pressure and for the sake of less argument when asked I just say what everyone else is saying. Sadly, my weight is now up more than I want to say, and I have to work on that, but riding in the snow I was reminded of how much more I was working. Not so much in the summer but when there is a foot of snow under me I am aware before the others. Really, I was not going to even try to ride in the woods until there was a week’s worth of snowshoeing and riding. But its been that long and it’s now rideable for me and I thank all those who put in time on the shoes and bike to run the snow in.

So I guess it game one in the woods again. Its nice to ride in the woods and not get so muddy. In fact my bike seems to have come out of Sundays ride cleaner than it went in. Nice.

So that was my extended weekend. Started slow and ended much better.

So happy the snow is here.


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