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Im Off.

Bensons Grade, Marquette,MI 2014

Now Im running around trying to get everything done so I can leave today at a decent time which seems like it’s not going to happen. I would have left in the morning as planned but the high temps up there will call for early morning starts and I do not want to get up and leave at 330am.

Things both around the house and in store kinda caught up to me. Besides packing, a quick run thru the bike and paperwork, the Shimano guy is here around 11am to teach me XTR Di2. I have to do some tax stuff yet like print off the W2’s before I leave. A lot of little things to do.

Im not as pumped to go right now. I love the drive up there but tonite it will be in the dark and I’ll get up there late just to sleep but worth the extra cost of a room to hit the trails sooner in the morning. Highs are calling for 35 degrees in the afternoon. Warmer Sunday. Im not sure how the trails will hold. They got a ton of snow yesterday and some more today. Fresh, unpacked snow can be an issue.

Anyway, Im getting my to do list done as fast as I can and best case senario is I can leave around 3pm today. Would be nice to have a bit of the drive in daylight.

Either way, tomorrow I wake up in Marquette and will grab the bike around 8am and ride. Im leaving the computer home this trip so I’ll tell ya all about it Monday. Have a great weekend and get outside.


XTR Di2 In The House.

Santa in a brown truck came yesterday. Almost everything I need is here. I tinkered a little with it yesterday and most of it is hanging on the bike. Tomorrow I’ll get a visit from a Shimano tech guy and he will go thru everything with me and teach me all there is to know about XTR Di2. The handle\stem combo is very cool with internal routing for the wire. The battery is in the steer tube and runs out the top of the stem and into the frame to head back to the rear derailleur. After the tech guy leaves tomorrow it will just be odds and ends to do.

I thought about doing this thing up and taking it to Marquette with me but I best not. Too soon. Rest assured I’ll be rippin it up on this bike a week from now and i cant wait! This thing is really going to be a showpiece. Ive already have people asking to buy it when Im done with it. And its not even together yet. Crazy!

I’ll leave the bike as it for now. Today I have to work on two things. Getting all my 2015 tax forms out in time (end of the month) and setting up the weekend in the store for me to be gone.

As far as the weekend. Ive decided to leave Friday as soon as I can. The temps in Marquette look to be on the warm side so any good trail riding will be early morn. Like 7am both Saturday and Sunday. So I need to be there Friday nite. I did not set up any help to come in until 3pm so I’ll try to bump that up, maybe give them an hour of de briefing and off I’ll go.

Temps in the upper 30’s on Saturday but thats not until late afternoon. Saturdays low looks to be just below freezing. I’ll hope for the best in that respect. This morn I did get in another ride in our local park at 35 degrees ands the trails were fine. It takes awhile for the warmth to set in. I hope that the case up in the UP this weekend.

Small post tomorrow. Shimano guy here at 11am, hope to be on the road by 3pm.


Tale Of Two Rides

20160127_091400 (1)
This morn

Seems like my riding comes in waves. I got out for the Tuesday nite ride only to follow it up with a ride before work this morn.

The local trails are in amazing shape. They feel faster than summer right now and its pretty much game on. As much as Im a bit tired of the same old lap they are in such good shape you can not ride them. Im leaving the bike on my car and might get out a bit tomorrow morn too.

Last nite we had about 5 guys and we split up be 2 and 3 rider groups. I was in the slower 3 bike group and it was a ride ride complete with talking. A very nice ride. Temps in the upper 20’s.

Last nite

Very comfortable. I had my winter helmet since it had the light mount on it and it was just too warm for that thing and I sweated that ride out. I need to remember to only bring that thing out if the temps are under 20 degrees.

This morn I was right back on the same trails. Just rippin it up. As best as I can rip anyways. Its nice to be able to get at least some time on a bike before I leave for Marquette in just a few days. Busy days here has me not even thinking about that yet.

This morn

Temps up there this weekend look to be pretty warm. Looks like early morning rides will be best to take advantage of the freeze\thaw cycle. I huge swing in temps could make the trails rock solid in the morning. Before noon.

That’s the deal here too. Temps hit just above freezing in the afternoon and softens up the snow. Then it freezes at nite and they are rock hard in the morning. Until it get warm again. You just got to time out the cycle.

Im sure I will be getting things ready here in a day or so. Setting up things for when Im gone. I’ve got good help so there is not a lot to do this time of year.


Progress: Fast and Slow

The accountant comes at 11am today and I am ready. I buckled down and got 6 months of accounting done yesterday, and I sold some stuff in between too! Once I got going on the number crunching the progress went pretty fast. Im a happier guy this moring that I was last. Now it’s back to the bike.

So here’s where we are today. Progress is slow but thats expected as piece by piece comes in the mail everyday. Yesterday was the cool red crank arm covers to go with the red ring and red chain. So all that stuff is a no brainer.

But the wheels have a story to them. WTB Scrapers at 27.5 by 45mil wide on the inside. Yes, thats narrow for a fatbike but it’s nothing I have not done before. My first carbon 907 had 47mil wide rims 3 years ago. The 27.5 Hodags mount up nicely. And its pretty thin for a fat bike. So why the skinny?

 I have these wheels sold to someone who is going to run them in summer on his Farley. I built them, will run them until after the Birkie early March, and when I go back to 29+ soon after I will hand them over.  My original plans were the Trek Wampa’s of course. But they are not available until the middle of Feb and I did not want to wait. Also, if I got the Wampas now I would only run them maybe 5 weeks and pull them for 29+ anyway.  So for the remainder of the winter riding season it’s a skinny fat.

Sure, I stand to have issues when a ton of float is needed. And if Im disadvantaged I’ll accept that. But then the thaw\freeze cycle hits and the trails are rock hard in the morning I’ll be pretty zippy.

Also, these are the rims that I will be using at the fat bike Birkie. And yes, thats a gamble. A gamble Im willing to take. Im not racing to race anyway. Just to be there. I’ve done all three so far. The first year I was on 47 mil rims with 3.7 Knards. The course was fast that year and I even had 15 pounds of air. Very firm.

Last year not so much. I would struggle if conditions are softer like last year. Then I would be wishing for my 80mil rims. So we will see what happens.

You can also see in one of the pics above Im leaving off the Bluto. For now. It’s all about the groomed trails now. I’ll put the Bluto back on when the bike turns back into 29+ again in March.

So for now Im just waiting for the parts. The Di2 parts. The wonderfully expensive Di2 parts.

Progress seems slow today, but once everything is here it will go much faster.