New Years Eve 2015

I got out on the ski’s this morn to check up on my grooming.  Its been a long time since. skied. I maybe got out 3 times last winter. The woods are spectacular and I always end up taking a million snow tree pics and add them to my current file of a million snow tree pics. I try hard not to take any more but a few is OK. Saw a ship out there this morn too. The US Undaunted has been past here a million times.

My skiing is not what it used to be. Im pretty bad at it now and with my bad knees and hips it hurts to do it but I don’t care. I just shuffle along very slowly and Im just glad to be out in the woods.

I wore a brace on one knee and I think I will go and get two nicer ones to put on my crappy knees as I think that would help me ongoing. I really want to ski as much as I can. Its just something different that my body isnt used to and it works all the harder to do it and that’s a good thing.

The bike might take a bit of a back seat for awhile.

Today I close at 3 and plan on seeing a movie tonite, then early to bed as Im not much of a party guy.

Tomorrow I’ll maybe take another lap around the park in the morning and then I gatta head up to my Mom’s in Green Bay for our Christmas visit.

Saturday I’ll get out a bit in the morning before the store opens but will have to cut it short to get back as Im alone and the rentals are off the hook. I literally have people standing at my door when the store opens.

So with another Holiday this weekend this will be it until Monday. I hope to have a bunch of time on the ski’s by then and maybe another bike ride .

Have a great long weekend!


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