Game On





Just got back from grooming the trails. Its game on for sure as the trails are the best I’ve seen since 2013. Got it done in record time at about 2 and half hours. I got to the store just 8 minutes late.

With the amount of snow I thought I would have to come back and finish tomorrow and am glad that I got it done today. As you would expect, the phone is ringing off the hook with rentals and ski waxing. Very happy about that.

Tomorrow I will grab the ski’s and put my first tracks of the year in. Im sure my bad knees will remind me of what Im doing but I’ll just take it easy. I most likely will ditch the Saturday ride for some skiing too. Maybe. I might still ride if it’s a beach ride….


Saw this guy on the way home. He\she was huge! I always like seeing a immature eagle as it shows the nesting is still good around here.

So the fat bike might sit a spell as the snow is pretty deep in the woods. A bunch of guys are out there snowshoeing and riding and it will take a bit of time before I’ll be able to ride the snow decent.

But overall Im pretty happy to get back on snow. Im a winter kind of guy. Besides the trails being in great shape the woods is spectacular too right now. Get outside and bring your camera!

I better go. Skis to wax.


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