Christmas Eve 2015


Christmas Eve in the store. We close at 3 today. I don’t know… it just does not feel like Christmas. Thunderstorms, tornado watches, huge winds. What the hell. Crazy weather. Last Saturday morn it was 13 degrees. Today near 50.

Global warming? Im not so sure. We think this warmth is so out of the ordinary? Maybe a little. But when people tell me this is the beginning of the apocalypse I remind them that I remember 1982 when Christmas was 62 degrees. And while the high temps may set some new records for the day its been this warm this time of year many times. Many years ago.

So this strange weather is nothing new. But that does not make it any more tolerable.


But here sits the trails I should be grooming. Im closer to cutting the grass than I am to grooming it. Very disappointing. All I can do is look at the ten day forecast and hope.

Getting snow up north. Hayward got up to 9 inches yesterday with more tonite. Im thinking of a early January trip up there. Between Hayward and Marquette it looks like Hayward has the best snow to date. And again, that all came in the last two days.

So the store should be a bit slow today. Maybe one or two coming in looking for something last minute.

The big seller for Christmas in this store? Lights. Im completely cleaned out today. With this warm weather, more people are still riding so with the short days more people need lights. I could not keep the shelves stocked the last two weeks.

So this is the post for the weekend. I plan to not even walk into the store tomorrow. One of maybe three day a year that happens. We have some family over tonite and then the kids\grandkids tomorrow.

Saturday resumes normalcy with the group ride in the morn and normal store hours.

Have a great Holiday!



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