Safety Yellow

845am. Fog. Safety Yellow.

Can the weather get any worse? 50 degrees and fog on December 22nd. No worries tho…. I won’t post rant after rant about the weather. If I had one complaint about owning a bike store (ski’s too) I would say your livelihood is too dependent on the weather. Bad weather can shut you down fast.

As like all the farmers and such, you just wait the crappy weather out. But a January with no snow is a snoozer around here. Maybe I can take more time off fatbiking up north. You don’t need snow to fatbike. But with bare ground you don’t need a fatbike to fatbike. Your MTB works just fine until the snow flies.

If I still had my 29+ wheelset I would still have them on my Farley.

Last nite for the Tuesday nite ride we had to resort to road. Well, paved trail. In fact as you see in the pic above I put some road tires on the 920 again. No sense riding MTB tires when you can never go into the woods. Or the beach for that matter. When it turns cold (if ever) I will put the MTB tires back on the bike. But for now its pavement. With the rain we have had pretty much everyday we wont get back to the woods until it freezes. Who knows when.

The ride last nite was good for me. First off, it was a bike ride and any of those is good. 6 of us took off. Cross, road and one MTB. I consider the 920 a cross bike I guess. About 28 miles with a little climbing. I took my time up the hills but I went up none the less. After, I was tired in a good way and need about 30 more rides like this one. It did not rain but was pretty wet. You know the woods are wet when the paved trails have standing water on them.

Today is the last full day of biz before Christmas. Tomorrow I close at 3. I have 3 bikes in the service area to do and it should be a busy sales day so I’d better get to it.


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