Black Bikes..

That’s a strange post title. But let me tell you about bikes that are black.

First off, I don’t like them. Hate’s a strong word but I hate riding black bikes. I like my bikes to be loud. But ongoing I always end up with a black bike of some sort.

You see, most high end bikes are black. I should say high end production bikes. And being a dealer I pretty much ride mostly high end bikes. It’s a perk of the industry.

Why are most high end bikes black? It’s about as neutral of color you can go with. Probably 90% of consumers would ride a black bike. So when you’re making a thousand of that high end super light electronic road bike that cost 10K it’s most likely black or mostly black.

Trek does this a lot. They both stick to the neutral black theme on the high end stuff more than anybody and on the other hand offer the industry’s best alternative with Project One. Every one of my Project One bikes were green.

Project One is pretty cool. I sure do like to pick my colors. Is was not always that way. In 2014 I went for  Felt demo’s and my life turned black.

Every one of those bikes above was electronic except for the MTB and the 2012 Madone. That has Sram Red. And after a year of black Im back to Trek demo’s and added some color into my life. But not entirely. My Farley is black. My Stashe last summer was black. But my road\cross bike was not.


But wait…. the front of the bike is still black..


No it’s not. It’s white.

I really liked that bike and just might get another one this spring. The white on one side\black on the other I think was genius. The fact thats its a Boone cross bike is fine by me. I looked at the high end disk Domane and I would get that bike in a heartbeat. But its…. you guessed it…black.

So as much as I try to steer away from a black bike I cant entirely. I guess I can put up with a small percentage of black. As long as I have something loud to offset it.

I have a few months to think about it before I plan my quiver of bikes for next year.


Wa da ya think?

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