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Somewhat of a just kinda OK weekend. Saturday had me at the Wisc Bike Fed swap meet in Milwaukee. These are always a lot of work and I always say they’re not worth the time and effort when all said and done but I always end up doing them again anyway. I did come home with more money that I left with and I got to see a lot of friends I don’t usually see so the reason I go is not all financial. It was a good time.

Sunday I put in a 2 hour ride with another around noon. The day before, when I left for Milwaukee at 7am it was 13 degrees. At ride time Sunday it was 47 and I was utterly overdressed. I suck at dressing myself and it takes a few rides for me to figure it out but when the temps are all over the board I get completely lost on what to wear.

Speaking of temps. What was just something to complain about is turning into the ridiculous. Almost 50 degrees on Christmas Eve. Lots of rain. And looking at the 10 day is just more of the same. I believe this will go down as the warmest Dec when said and done. November was the third warmest. But I think this month will set the record.

I might just pull the MTB tires off my 920 since the beach will not be froze anytime soon and put on some road tires. No sense wasting those ultra light and expensive MTB tire just to road ride.

In fact the long standing Tuesday nite ride has turned into all road. The woods is just too wet and everyone has that time slot for riding anyway. So we grab our cross and maybe some road bikes and head out for a few hours. Im not real excited about that but it’s a bike ride.

This week is nothing other than prepping for the Holidays in the store. The week between Christmas and New Years was always the busiest ski rental time. Not this year. That’s going to be a big zero.

I’ve learned to stop complaining about things I can’t change. At least not out loud.


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