Nice End To The Week.


Ending this week with a bang. As expected the temps fell to normal and the beach was in great shape this morn. About 5 of us pelotoned next to the water 15mph or so for 15 miles. Just two of us had fat bikes. I could have rode a cross bike the sand was so frozen. Like concrete. It even snowed a little.  However this scenario will be short lived. For now.

It will be another great ride in the morning for the group ride but I’ll be winging to beer town for the swap meet so I will miss it. Kinda bummed about it to cuz starting Sunday it looks to be right back into the 40’s again. What the hell. Sunday if I ride will be back to road riding as the woods is still way too wet from the rains and not froze enough to ride on. Whatever.

On my way to the ride I saw on the radar the US Wilfred Sykes was rolling past so I drove along the lake like I always do on the way to the store and I caught the ship in almost the perfect spot and got pretty much the coolest pics of the ship ever.

I see this boat a lot this time of year. It runs much longer than the others in winter. Almost the last ship out there.

Today is going to be a blur..  Several people picking up their new bikes, got one to repair by the end of the day and Im pricing and packing for the swap meet tomorrow and maybe will get out for another beach ride tonite.

Not so sure I’ll get the ride in tonite but I’ll give it a shot. Depends how my day go’s. My next shot is Sunday. Like I said, most likely a road ride but at least something. My scale at home is telling me I need to be a bit more active. At its telling me not in a nice way. So I must try harder in that respect.

So that’s it… have a great weekend.


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