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Its amazing how much things are the same as I look back in this blog.

Here’s a TBT post from Dec 16th, 2010.

Ive been doing this blog over 10 years now with the first 5 years lost to a glitch in Google’s Blogger which I no longer use. I can only go back as far as 2010. Which is a bummer cuz I don’t write this thing for other people to read, I kinda do it for myself. I don’t mind who reads it and it’s kinda like a diary but in a public format. If nobody read this I would still do it. It might say different things but in some form would still be around. I choose to a blog as it’s kinda easy and gets sent up into the cloud automatically. I would assume(as I did once before) that I can always access it. Barring some crazy alien attack that destroys all computers. So it’s saved for all time.

The temps are diving to almost normal and its going to get down in the teens tonite and that means I will grab a bike in the morning for a beach ride before work. I just might ride the 920 as the sand will be plenty hard and a 4in tire is not needed. But that will be a last minute call as to what bike. Im just pumped to actually use my winter clothing for once. But alas, next week heading into Christmas its back in the 40’s during the day. Its going to be a green Christmas. And I mean green as the grass is as green as summer and needs cutting. Crazy.

I did figure out my Garmin yesterday. And as expected, I don’t need 70% of what that thing can do. But it’s all good. Im sure I will be happy using it for just what I need. And it will be able to do more stuff for its next owner when Im done with it.

Next two days I will be busy with getting stuff together for a swap meet Im doing Saturday. I do a couple of these a year to clean out the junk drawer and blow out old inventory. And its kinda fun in a way. But a lot of work.

Here’s a post from the swap in 2013

So I better get to it.


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