Here’s a ship passing this moring that’s way out there. So far out the curve of the earth hide it. Thats nuts if you think about it. A telephoto lens can see farther than the curvature of the earth. Somehow that make the earth much smaller to me.

That’s the John G Munson.

Huge waves yesterday. Maybe that will once again bring the ships back to my side of the lake.


Which looked like this an hour a go. Even my pics are boring today.

Temps are heading back to normal or near normal. I still have those huge ponds in my backyard as in yesterday’s pic. If it freezes before all that water is gone will make my driveway (and backyard) a ice rink. That’s not good. The water has two days tops to go away as it will be in the teens at nite.

Not a lot going on in the store. Gift buying is in full swing. But after that will need some snow to play on to keep things going. This winter is borderline ridiculous. And boring.


When the waves are up so is the surf. Sheboygan has a pretty good surfing community and some come from far away to surf here. I have never and pretty sure won’t. But it looks like fun anyway.

Back to bikes… tonite is the weekly nite ride but with the flooding will not take place. A few have an alternative and will ride the Plank Road Trail tonite. I dont really want to road ride but I should. Those guys and their road bikes dropped me Saturday, not so sure I want to ride solo in the long run tonite. But again, I really need the seat time. I do have all my gear with me… so maybe.

That’s about it for me today. Pretty boring stuff.


Wa da ya think?

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