845am Todays lake pic.

Yesterday was one of those rare days I did not even walk in the store. Sure, it was closed but Im here pretty much everyday. Maybe not to work but to grab a bike to ride or something. But there was no bike riding yesterday. As the weather dudes predicted, it started raining late Saturday and has not stopped yet (Monday morn). Huge flooding. It will be weeks before we get back into the woods. But Im sure it will freeze before it drys out, which is fine to.

Saturday, group ride I had a tough ride and it was kinda my own fault. With the temps being so warm I called the ride out kinda all road with no woods. Several guys showed with their summer 14 pound carbon road rockets and I made another mistake having those guys pull.

One by one the riders on MTB’s dropped. Me included. It was just too fast. I dropped and solo’d to the restaurant early. The roadies put on another 5 miles and we arrived for food at about the same time so I didn’t mind. But I noticed all the MTB guys were gone.

So from now on I’ll call it out as woods first, road second. With more normal temps heading this way the ride will be like that anyway.


So here is my yard this morn. Pic taken from my patio. That’s my driveway and backyard. On December 14th. Thats nuts. If this was snow we would have about 20 inches on the ground. But its not and that’s just sad. And my basement is very close to flood stage. The sump pump runs continually. I will not know the basements fate until I get home about 9 hours from now. It is what it is.

This winter is such  just big disappointment. But I won’t say we were not warned. Again, the weather looks to turn more normal by the end of the week as far as temps, but still no snow to look at.


Someone has walked into the store and put money down on my Farley. Early, like the Boone this summer, Im now pressured to sell it before Im done with it. And I do have the Farley frameset to build and Im pretty sure it will be Di2 XTR. But I have a issue with the wheels. Treks 27.5 carbon wheels are not available. So I can’t have them for my build. Sure, I could go Hed 26in but I really like the 27.5. Bigger wheels are better for me.

I am actually considering the Stans Hugo 27.5’s rims. I had the 29+ wheelset in fall and I liked them. I could go 52mil rims with Treks Hodag tires. That would be a cool option. I need to think about it. I don’t need to give up the bike right now but need to start the build sooner than later.

Another bike to build up. Nice!


Wa da ya think?

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