Friday Thoughts.


Coupla things today. First off it’s Friday. That means the weekend and the Saturday group ride is impending. Looks to be another warm ride at over 40 degrees at ride time. It will be a mix of road, cross,mountain and my weird bike. It’s kinda a strange looking peloton. Hopefully the temps will be near normal next week. And its looking that way anyway.

Sunday looks like a huge washout with almost 100% chance of rain starting later Saturday. So get your shit done tomorrow. Im looking forward to the ride tomorrow. Since I now have the perfect bike for said ride. Maybe not specifically tomorrow but ongoing. Should be a big group.

Saw this guy again this morn. Just a tug bolted to a barge but this ship has been working hard this fall. I see it at least once a week.


The weather has been so summer like that the big ship are back to the east side of the lake.

Looks like to be a good shipping season this year. Many years they were all done by now. Must be hard to decided when to hold up for winter if winter never gets here…

And then lastly, we have this. Is this the end of the Pugsly? Those prices make me assume so. The end of an era. The Pug started this entire fat bike thing. Now you can get a Farley 5 for the same price as a Pug and Im sorry but that’s no contest with the Pug still with offset wheels and such. Standards have now passed the Pug by and tho it’s still an awesome bike is just too outdated in its design.

Im surprised they are selling the Ice Cream Truck out also as they have the newer standards. But, they must have a million of them in stock so they gotta go. I remember last year when Trek and others ran out of bikes so soon and the Ice Cream Truck was the only bike available with standard hub widths. Im sure they sold a ton of them then. Its really a nice bike too.

But all good things must come to a end. I loved my Pug back in the day (2010). There still is a few Pugs in our fat bike social circle today.

That’s it for today. Have a great day and get outside this weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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