As I promised myself  a hour and a half before work this morn.  As I was dressing the motivation was low. As I drove to the store the motivation was low. And even still as I rolled away from the store. Huge headwind. The kind that takes your breath away. The only way I kept going was the thought of not pedalling all the way home.

But then I remembered I was riding a cross\mountain\road\tour bike and I headed for the woods. Once I started to mix it up the motivation was there. I had a great ride with the perfect mix of woods and road. Once in the woods and trails the wind was not a factor. I did one of those rides where you just tool around. No group to try and stay in. No limit to where you want to go from the type of bike you were riding.

47 degrees if you can believe that. I had on my thinnest of winter clothing and still overdressed. All my fall gear is already packed away. It is after all the middle of December. The cloud cover made it feel kinda crappy with the wind. I would have been more comfortable with 20 degrees and sunny than 47 degrees and gloomy.

After stopping for a few pictures I noticed I had a bit of a theme going. Being a pretty big Tesla fan back in the day I had this song in my head the entire time.

Gatta say one more time I love the bike Im riding. Its perfect for what Im doing these days. And since I kinda ignored it in tour mode last summer at least Im getting some miles on it. Im already thinking lighter (carbon) wheels or something stupid. That will pass I hope.

So Im happy to finally get in a morning ride. When Im done I feel so much better at work. Mentally and physically. I shoulds do this morn often.


Wa da ya think?

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