Non Moving Pictures


Today is another 40 degree morning. In fact 42 at 8am. I grabbed the camera and headed for the park to take some pics and maybe spend some extended time on the beach during this heat wave. Again people are everywhere. Walking, riding. I think I will plan a little ride before work tomorrow on the 920. I should have today.

So I get down to the park, grab the camera and start to goof around, I see a pic I want to take and when I do I get a bunch of beeps out of the camera. No memory card. The equivalent of forgetting to put film in your camera years ago. Crap. So todays pic was from a month or so ago.

Every once in awhile I find a pic I took a long time ago but never really looked at it. Like this one today. I really didn’t know I had it until I found it this morn. And I like it.

In the past I had my pictures hanging in the store to sell and I sold just one. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time. Or maybe a bike store is just not the place to try to sell semi expensive pictures. I still have most of them up on the wall. I gave some away too.

That, along with my brief writing career having done a 3000 word article for a bike magazine that Im pretty sure got round files after I sent it in, was kinda a bust.

Buy maybe if I try the pic thing again but get them out where more people see them. People who are looking for that kind of thing. I don’t know.

I have so many pics in my computer it would take a month to go thru them all. I take pictures almost every day (when I don’t forget to put film in the camera) and then just dump them in a file with the days date on it. Sometimes if I have some pics I really like I download them to a online storage so I don’t lose them in case of a computer crash. But that’s about it for categorising anything. These super cool pics I have are scattered.

 I have maybe 9000 or so pics. Some are good, some are really good but I don’t know where they are specifically. I don’t have a file called “really good” in there.

I’ll think about the picture thing a bit yet. Maybe.

Last nite was the Tuesday nite ride and I missed out. I had the bike on the car roof but started feeling a bit crappy a couple hours before and ditched it. Must have been something I ate. Oh well.

Like I mentioned yesterday, the jet stream changes early next week and thing turn colder, almost normal temps. There is some hope for a white Christmas. At least I hope so. For my sanity’s sake.

That’s it for today.


Wa da ya think?

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