Today’s a bit of an oIMG_1019ff day.My accountant will be here in 30 minutes and she needs to take over my computer to do accountant stuff. So not much today.

Did see this ship this morning. I’ve post about this guy before.

You can see a light on by the rear of the ship. It was a bit foggy. Temps this morn in the low 40’s and thats nuts for December 8th at 8am. It did not even get below freezing last nite.

But looking at the NWS website I can see winter. Its coming next Tuesday. A week from today so get your Christmas lights up this week as its going to finally get cold(er). No real snow but at least the ground will freeze and be ready for the first real snowfall. The beach will freeze also opening that door for riding. I cant wait. Im ready.

Here’s a product review for all you fat bikers. Topeaks Joe Blow Fatbike floor pump.

When you get that first fatbike you have to have a device to measure low pressure, The normal floor pump won’t work as the gauge usually starts at 10 pounds g0001ferand mostly is not that accurate at that low pressure. So we all go out and buy a low pressure gauge. The SKS digital is around $25 and the non digital’s are around $20. We all have them. Some have both.

Enter the Topeak pump. Dial only go’s up to 30 and its accurate in the single digits.

But the other thing is that its so high volume. How many of you use a regular bike pump and pump the crap out of it to inflate a high volume fat tire. With the high volume of this pump you use about 1\4 the stokes you usually use on a regular pump.

Once my tires are inflated and I use it to fine tune its almost a pound a stroke. Just so much easier to top off without having to pump and then check with a separate gauge.

I know what you thinking. Why have a pump specific to just one bike (or more depending on how many you have). The regular pump works fine. Just have to pump the crap out of it. I too have thought that but now I glad I have it.

First off, I ride  fat bike pretty much 12 months of the year. Second, how many of you have lost those little air gauges. Falling behind the seat of your car or whatever. I now deem the $60 purchase acceptable. Saves you time when mounting, saves you time when your at the trailhead fine tuning. And its hard to lose!

Anybody who is into fatbikes the way we are needs this. Im sure other brands will follow suit. Topeak is just the first. So my advise is if your going to spend $20 plus on a gauge, your better off spending $60 on a complete pump.

Thus endeth the product review.


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