New Bike Day (kinda)


So with the beach in great shape this winter my cross bike would have been a issue on the sand on the warmer days. So I knew I wanted a bigger tire to help me stay in the game a bit longer there. But as I mentioned earlier a fat bike is out of the question (at least for me) as this ride has a ton or road in it too. I built this bike Friday.

 I needed some float for the beach and still be able to peloton at 20mph on the road with the same bike. So I grabbed my 920 touring bike. Stripped it. Took off the bar end shifters and consequently the hydro brakes that were stand alone lever. Put in some Sram Rival with mechanical cable disc brakes. Added a lighter wheel\wheelset with a few small carbon parts and there you have it.

Its a cross bike, MTB, tour bike and road bike all in one. Here’s a pic today, and when it was in tour mode this past summer.

Unfortunately the warm weather kept us off the beach Saturday but that was fine as I now know I can hang on the road with this thing. A full 60 psi in the lightweight Bontrager 29-0 Team Issue 1.9 tires. Saturday we had 3 or 4 road bikes in the group and I was in the game no problem.

In fact, I grabbed the bike on Sunday and put in close to 30 miles on it. Mostly road with a little trail thrown in. I love it. I feel much better on it than my old cross bike. With the tires pumped up to max I can road ride just fast enough to keep up to the skinny guys. The wider tires will help on the beach when that comes to play. And with the ride I had on Sunday is just a super fun bike to ride. I’ll ride this one for awhile.

The fall like weather has persisted and will continue for awhile yet. 10 day weather service site still shows highs in the 40’s. Again close to 50 by the end of the week.

The beach of Lake Michigan are always rideable with a fatbike but not as much fun as a froze solid beach that you can peloton at 20mph on a cross bike. You’re in a pack of 15 or so bikes drafting as if you were on the road only your a couple feet from the water and waves. It’s a blast.

And is what I will look forward too when winter does get here. If you think about it, it starts warming up the beginning of March. Which is just three months from now. What the hell. So much for winter. We have a great beach this year and its not even going to get cold enough to freeze?

Time to move north.


Wa da ya think?

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