Thursday at 9am. Coffee by the lake.

I spent time on a post yesterday. Then published it and after an hour it was gone. Not sure what that was. So here’s a Thursday\Friday post.

If you told me that I was going to be sitting on my fav park bench enjoying my coffee on Dec 3rd I would have thought you were nuts. But there I was. Near 40 degrees and finally the sun comes out. Crazy. Looking at the 10 day this morn, no high temp under 40 degrees. Saturday’s high is near 50!


Looks like no beach ride then. The group ride will be all road with maybe a little woods. So it seems that the El nino is in effect after all. It seems the weather dudes are never wrong to the good. Always to the bad. Never a sunny day when they call for clouds and rain. But many times clouds and rain on a day they call out sunny.

So their stupid El nino thing is for sure here with no below freezing highs as far out as they can forecast. And that’s to the middle of December. The grass is plenty green here still.

You might have noticed a slight change to my format. I now have linked this blog to my store’s website so its going to be more bikes and less personal stuff (but still maybe a little). I’ll still try and mix it up a little.

A little follow up to the disc thing yesterday. People sure are upset. I saw the term “this is horseshit” among others. How crazy. Calm down. There will still be bikes with caliper brakes. Nobody will force you to run a road bike with a disk. Now I read that there is a petition around all the pro teams to have the UCI reconsider. More drama than a middle school girl’s sleepover.


This morn as I headed to the park I saw three guys on fatbikes riding the road down to where we get on the beach. I knew them. But it made me think about all of this fatbike stuff. Just four years ago I was doing that ride myself. I didn’t know anyone else with a fat tire. All the lonely beach rides. Woods too.

9am this morn(Friday)

Now they are pretty much mainstream. As I walked on the beach this morn I saw these tracks. None of them were mine and those three did not make it to this spot yet. So besides the three coming there was two or more on the beach also.

How this has grown. Its just weird to be there from the very beginning.

I remember just a few years ago I could tell who was riding the beach from their tire print. I knew who was running what tire. That’s now impossible to do.

Here I was back in 2010. All fatbike rides where by myself. All the MTB guys just shook their head. Say they would never. And now they are.

Just being the only guy or just one of a few for so long just makes me think about it when I see the bikes all over the place. When I see tracks down the beach that I didn’t do. It makes me happy to be able to do this with others now instead of the odd man out. Ride on!

Today I am hoping to finish my winter group ride bike. Hoping parts get here via brown Santa. No pics until its done tho. And sure hope those parts come as I disassembled Pinky for this bike so as of right now I have no bike to ride besides the Farley. That poor Pinky bike gets some attention and as soon as it’s up and running its once again striped to bare frame and hung back on the wall. But that bike will for sure live another day.

New bike test run tomorrow. Like I said earlier the group ride is going to be all road and that’s fine. I’ll see if I can keep up on this contraption.

Will let you know Monday. Have a great weekend. Get outside.


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