If you read a lot of bike stuff on the interwebs, or frequent Facebook every 10 minutes like most of us try not to do, you have read all the breaking stories of the UCI allowing disc brakes on the bikes. The bike publications jump on this shit when it slow and blow it out of proportion.

And immediately everyone start freaking out. What the hell?

Read this funny blog.Its meant to be entertaining but then read the comments on the Facebook posts on the subject.

My God you would think the disc brake is made by the Devil.


I was on disk on my road bike this summer and it was the greatest thing ever if you run carbon rims. No more dirty, scratchy brake pads on my million dollar carbon wheels grinding them down as I ride. Even on a sunny day there is always a crapshoot if I was going to stop at the stop sign on the bottom of that hill. With disk, its one finger braking with no worries. Any weather. Sun or rain.

Sure the pro’s complain about the added weight to tow up a hill but that scenario would apply to maybe 1% of all riders. And its what? A bit over a pound if you use the latest and greatest?

Yes, this brake renders all your current wheelsets useless. And harder to sell and granted I do not see that aspect as I sell every year. And yes, my road bike this summer was a cross bike but that has no issue with the brakes. Disc on road has been around. Just not shoved in the public eye until UCI talks about it. Remember when it was not legal to race a disc cross bike? How far we’ve come.

So really it’s the “regular guy” complaining that he then has to upgrade his existing quiver of wheelsets. To that I say if in fact you have a quiver of wheelsets you can probably afford it. I do know of a guy I built up a Trek Crockett cross bike and he wanted the disc so bad but had like, 4 wheelsets at home so he went with the non disk. And regrets it I may add.

The Pro peloton says if half the field has disks and the other do not there will be accidents as the braking points with both brakes are different and that the disc can go deeper into the corner before braking.

 Why would you not be disc then?

Safety? A legitimate issue would be getting a leg cut on those massive pile ups that happen now and then. You don’t need to be going very fast. This is a scenario that us regular guys would not deal with. But sometimes we do. Case in point….


Ive done the Shuammy Fat Tire 40. 1800 bikes. Mass start. If 1500 had disc brakes that would be 3000 discs spinning in here. I belive no one has lost a leg or foot to a disc. Again, not that a nasty cut could not happen but if these 1800 hearty souls can brave it Im sure most of the Pro teams will too.

So everybody just calm down. They are just disc brakes. They work wonderful and your million dollar Zip wheels you just took a loan out to buy will last alot longer.

Every bike I build to ride be it MTB, Fat, cross, touring or road will all be disc brake. Done and done.


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