Crap Winter


Here we are, December 1st. 40 degrees and rain. Does it even pay to complain? We knew this was coming. We heard all the El Nino talk starting in Oct. And yet I can’t believe it.

Looking at the 10 day from the National Weather Service there is not a day where the high is much under 40 degrees. Last week a storm brought 10 inches of snow just 100 miles south. Today there is a storm that is bringing 10 inches 150 miles north.We got all rain of course. Lots of it. My basement is on the verge of flooding, the sump pump working very hard.

No Tuesday nite ride. The park is not just wet but most likely flooded.

There is light. Starting Thursday it looks like 3 or 4 days of sun. But still fall like temps. Im such a fan of winter and I get very discouraged when this happens. Even if I know its coming.

The store as usual, relies on winter being here also. Cross Country skis, snowshoes and the rental of both help in the cold months. But without snow it’s tough sledding (no pun intended). Even the warm temps keeps people out of the fitness studio.

The fat bikes are the one thing that’s constant. And I thank my lucky stars for that. Even some die hard local skiers have picked up a fat bike to keep active. As soon as the trails are up and running they park the bikes for the most part but always have them as a backup as they wait for more snow.

I have yet to take off the storage wax off the rental skis and will wait to do so. But I really should or I will end up doing it when its busy for the Holiday. It takes about 20 minutes per set and I have 20.

So I will try not to complain too much about the lack of winter. But its on my mind 24\7. I try not to worry about things I cant control. Sometimes I fail in that respect.  So…  roll with the flow and keep the faith. Winter will get here eventually. Green Christmases are the worst. Bring it!


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