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New Years Eve 2015

I got out on the ski’s this morn to check up on my grooming. ┬áIts been a long time since. skied. I maybe got out 3 times last winter. The woods are spectacular and I always end up taking a million snow tree pics and add them to my current file of a million snow tree pics. I try hard not to take any more but a few is OK. Saw a ship out there this morn too. The US Undaunted has been past here a million times.

My skiing is not what it used to be. Im pretty bad at it now and with my bad knees and hips it hurts to do it but I don’t care. I just shuffle along very slowly and Im just glad to be out in the woods.

I wore a brace on one knee and I think I will go and get two nicer ones to put on my crappy knees as I think that would help me ongoing. I really want to ski as much as I can. Its just something different that my body isnt used to and it works all the harder to do it and that’s a good thing.

The bike might take a bit of a back seat for awhile.

Today I close at 3 and plan on seeing a movie tonite, then early to bed as Im not much of a party guy.

Tomorrow I’ll maybe take another lap around the park in the morning and then I gatta head up to my Mom’s in Green Bay for our Christmas visit.

Saturday I’ll get out a bit in the morning before the store opens but will have to cut it short to get back as Im alone and the rentals are off the hook. I literally have people standing at my door when the store opens.

So with another Holiday this weekend this will be it until Monday. I hope to have a bunch of time on the ski’s by then and maybe another bike ride .

Have a great long weekend!


Game On





Just got back from grooming the trails. Its game on for sure as the trails are the best I’ve seen since 2013. Got it done in record time at about 2 and half hours. I got to the store just 8 minutes late.

With the amount of snow I thought I would have to come back and finish tomorrow and am glad that I got it done today. As you would expect, the phone is ringing off the hook with rentals and ski waxing. Very happy about that.

Tomorrow I will grab the ski’s and put my first tracks of the year in. Im sure my bad knees will remind me of what Im doing but I’ll just take it easy. I most likely will ditch the Saturday ride for some skiing too. Maybe. I might still ride if it’s a beach ride….


Saw this guy on the way home. He\she was huge! I always like seeing a immature eagle as it shows the nesting is still good around here.

So the fat bike might sit a spell as the snow is pretty deep in the woods. A bunch of guys are out there snowshoeing and riding and it will take a bit of time before I’ll be able to ride the snow decent.

But overall Im pretty happy to get back on snow. Im a winter kind of guy. Besides the trails being in great shape the woods is spectacular too right now. Get outside and bring your camera!

I better go. Skis to wax.




Got to store late today. Car is stuck in driveway and had to call a friend with 4 wheel drive to take me to the store. Snow well over two feet in my driveway, drifted to three in spots.

If in fact I got to the park today it would have looked like this file foto above. Not sure when I took that one. Few years back.

So we finally have our snow. And I think its enough to groom the ski trail. I won’t get to it until tomorrow morn but then it will be game on.

Tonite is the Tuesday nite ride and will be the first fat bikes in snow ride. I will miss it as my car is home and I have no way of getting there. Besides, I’ll let all the skinny guys pack the trail and I will hit it up as soon as I can.

Today I will work most of the day taking storage wax off the rental ski’s.

Im not sure how Im getting home tonite. I hope by them we are plowed out at home. Tomorrow I’ll be grooming the ski trail in the morn so no post until later. If Im swamped with ski stuff I might just skip tomorrow’s post. It will be a busy couple of days for sure…

So lets hope you don’t hear from me. Get out and ski\snowshoe\fatbike!


Holiday Stuff

Christmas day is always a blur at my house. Pretty much all family comes over that day buts kinda an open house. People just come and go all day. From the kids\grandkids in the morning to the rest of everybody else later to midnight. No meals, just snacking all day. I literally lived on cheese and crackers, sausage and kringles, chips and dip and cookies all day. And I mean from 9am to 10pm (I went to bed before people left). This was one of those days I did not even walk out of the house all day, not once. I hate those days.

Gizmo guarding the presents.

And I paid for it on Saturday. I got up for the group ride and felt like complete crap. I almost bailed on the ride but I knew I can’t pass these things up anymore. I need the movement. So I rolled out of bed and got dressed (cycling dressed) and attended. Turned out to be just the thing I needed. I had oatmeal at the breakfast stop and getting some normal food in me helped a ton. I felt much better after the ride than when I started.

So I ditched all the effects of Christmas day quickly and worked the store Saturday after the ride. A pretty busy day to boot.

Sunday I had plans to ride even a little bit in the morn but did not. Just could not pull enough ambition to grab a bike and ride solo on the road. And that set the tempo of the day. I did get out of the house to get some coffee mid morning but that was about it. Another wasted day. But that’s all part of the Holiday experience I guess.

This morning I went out to the park to make sure the groomer was ready to go. Temps are kinda on the way down to normal and we even have a bit of weather headed our way. 1 to 2 inches here but 5 to 7 just 60 miles north. How can we always be so close and yet so far. That big snow in Nov missed is by 60 miles south, now this one north. Crazy.

So today I prepare for the return season to start. People not liking their jersey or light set that someone got them. It’s not out of the question to have a negative day in the sales department in the next few. It happened.

So I better get to it as I have not been here a lot the last few days. Need to wax a new pair of ski’s that I actually sold on Saturday. Of all things.