Beach is Back!

Fat bike? We don’t need any Fat bikes. At least not for Saturdays group breakfast ride that was amazing. The beach was rock solid. Look at the bottom pic, Im in green and on a cross bike. 260 pound guy on a 35c tire. Sand is so froze I was not even leaving a print. Pelotoning down the beach at 20 mph. We had 18 bikes.

In the last few years the beach was in rough shape with the rising waters of Lake Michigan. I think all of last year was maybe 3 beach rides all winter, and those were on fatbikes. And we spent a lot of time in the water.  Im not sure if the water level is going down but there is way more exposed beach this winter and that’s a good thing. Im pretty optimistic about the riding there this winter season.

Because he asked for it, Im calling out Craig K for being the first on these rides with a fatbike and not getting dropped. Way to go.

And while you look at the pics and think this would be a perfect ride for a fat bike it’s not. There’s plenty of road on this ride too. My best shot is a cross bike. That helps me keep up on the road with all the MTB’s but if the beach is even a hint of getting soft Im screwed. In fact I did get off the beach Saturday a bit before everyone else as the sun was softening it up but I did get in a majority of the beach ride. A short road ride to the restaurant, then it’s all road back to town for most, about 14 miles, with the skinny guys back on the beach. By the time we get done eating the beach is too soft for me to ride. Even on a cold day the sun thaws the sand a little.

So I hope this scenario continues as the cold riding season continues. But we do need it to get colder.

Sunday me and Steve D grabbed the fatbikes for another ride on the same beach. It was 35 degrees and no way could I ride the bike I had yesterday. But then your riding fat the temp is not as much a problem. Slightly soft sand was no issue as we put in another almost two hours leaving me with a bit over four hours for the weekend. I’ll take that.

As we rode we ran into two others on fat bikes. It’s kinda strange that we now bump into people doing what we have been for years. I was also pumped that both the other two we saw had bought their bikes from my store. Its nice to see the bikes used properly. Like any bike, too many of them stay in the garage way too much.

All in all another great weekend on the bike. This week I will build a bike specifically for the Saturday Breakfast ride. It needs to be fast on the road but have better float than a 35c cross tire for the beach. I am compiling the components as we speak. I love a new project. Will keep you informed…


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