Day Before T Day

Had a great nite ride last nite. Maybe 12 bikes or so. Balmy 40 degrees. All the snow is now gone and we are back to fall here. At least for now.  When I look back, Im kinda bummed I sold my 29+ wheelset for the Farley. They still would be awesome to ride today. But then again, the stock carbon 27.5’s are not that bad either. But the 29+ is just cool to ride. I’ll just hope for snow.

Coming at ya…. Ghost bike.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and of course the store is closed. The past few years I have always grabbed my cross bike and took a solo ride on Thanksgiving morning. And that is what Im thinking again for tomorrow if its not raining. Which is most likely will be. The Weather Service shows like a 90% chance all day and into the nite. But if its not I’ll take one of my roaming rides around. Just tool around. Maybe two hours but never really go anywhere. Again, if the rain hold off.

Last year T-day was a fat bike ride. We had quite a bit of snow then before it also all melted.

In 2012 it was 60 degrees. Here’s the T day ride for that year.

Here’s a report from 2013 T day.

Also every year there is a nite ride on Tday that I never could get to as my Fam gets together for dinner and later. But this year we are doing Tday on Saturday so I can make this ride and would for sure, again, if it was not raining. Kinda bummed about that rain stuff.

Today should be a quiet day in the store based on history. Im not planning anything out of the ordinary for Black Friday. I just don’t believe in that crap. I considered closing Friday also but really do not have anything else better to do. I’ll start my Christmas lights and stuff. Maybe another ride in the morning if I get rained out Thursday.

Other than that have a great Holiday and get outside!


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