Cupla Ships

Prentiss Brown

Along with all the riding this weekend came some ship watching. Sunday while we rode the beach the Prentiss Brown was sailing past. This again a tub boat attached to a barge. A smaller cargo ship to get in smaller ports. When attached to the barge they look like real freighters but really are not. These guys stay closer to the shore year round and I’m pretty sure never head up to Lake Superior.

Then yesterday the James L Oberstar sailed past. This is the ship that started this whole hobby I have. Several years ago I saw this guy so close to shore I could see the water splashing up as it motored past. I was, of course, on a beach ride. I took a pic and put it on Facebook and someone emailed me the website that you can track the boats. And I’ve been tracking them ever since. That’s how I get the pics I do. I know when they are going to be off shore here. That’s the Oberstar on the left and the Brown on the right.

Here’s a couple pics of the Oberstar in winter hibernation in Sturgeon Bay a few years ago. That ship mostly hauls iron ore from the top of Lake Superior down to the car factories in Chicago and Gary IN. Sometime over to Detroit too. In fact that’s what most of these ships do on Lake Michigan\Superior. Almost all iron ore.

So that’s todays lesson in big ships on the lake.

Tonite is the Tuesday nite ride. The store closes at 6 on Tuesdays because it opens at 8am for the fitness studio. One thing the studio has brought is crazy hours. Open early one day a week and close late two other days. It seems every day of the week has different hours and Im not so sure I like that. Once this studio thing settles down into some sort of a pattern I will have one set of hours all week. Will see how that go’s.

As if on cue, with the snow comes people in the door asking about snoshoes and skis. So I guess it’s winter. We got maybe 2in of snow last Saturday and just 100 miles south got 12. Thursday (Thanksgiving) its supposed to be 50 degrees and rain all day. Im glad we did not get all that snow now. With an inch of rain expected along with that melting snow should raise hell with some basements and Im glad its not mine.

Here the snow is mostly gone already.


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