Good and Bad.

Some weekends I have nothing to say, others, like this last one, I have to try and condense to get on one post. I try to keep it around 500 words…


Saturday’s group ride was one of those that when you finished you wished you would have stayed home. And that’s saying a lot. About 7 of us left the store when it was snowing pretty hard but the ground was not frozen so there was just slushy roads. But it was cold enough to freeze on the bike.

It was not long before, one by one, our bikes stopped working. We got about an 45 minutes out and made the decision to turn and try to make it back. It was every man for himself.  At that point most of us could not shift and was down to one gear. My cassette iced up so bad I only had one gear that worked (the smallest) as the rest were just one hunk of ice. My derailleur pulley froze and the chain was just skipping over the top of the teeth. It was crazy.

We made it back, but barely. The one stupid high gear I had left raised hell with my knees as I had to pedal with a cadence of maybe 10 or 11.But we made it back to the store, all of us pulled in one by one. Those who drove here then took the people who rode here home. Again, we wished we did not ride that morning but you never know until you go. I have always said a bad day on the bike is better than a good something else but today tested that theory.


Sunday was an entirely different story. I saw the temps were in the teens for a low so I called out a beach ride on fat tires. Last year the beach was pretty crappy with the higher water level so I did not know what to expect.

I did not get much feedback on the ride so I figured I was going alone, maybe one other. But we turned out with 11 including me. And we were also pleasantly surprised with the shape the beach was in. I don’t think the water level changed much but the beach was way better than last year and I hope it continues thru the winter. Way, way better than last year.

24 degrees and sunny at ride time was perfect. The sand was plenty froze. I ended up with almost 23 miles of beach riding. Like I said, it was pretty crappy last year but this was like old times and I’m sure we will be doing a lot of this before spring. Really, you didn’t need a fat tire and a MTB would have been just fine. We don’t have a minimum tire width for the beach, so run what cha brung.

So the weekend started with a pretty crappy ride but totally redeemed itself on Sunday.

Thus endith the weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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