Pending Weekend w\snow

Not real sure what to write about today. Its Friday so maybe the weekend.

Saturday has the morning group ride in jeopardy with the impending snowSnowMap_WI

Here’s the latest from the National Weather Service. Their website is really the stuff the TV meteorologists look at anyway. We are in the 3 to 4 band but that’s a pretty thin band and can go either way pretty easy. If history shows up, the lake will keep us a bit warmer and just a couple of degrees warmer could mean more rain than snow. Lets hope not.

So I’m not sure what I’m going to do in the morning. If the road are on the cleaner side, I’ll take the cross bike and stay off the beach. If the roads are snow covered I’ll take the fat bike but then would not be able to do the complete ride as I’ll never keep up on the road. But would be able to hit the beach for some fun. So that call will be made when I look out the window in the morning, or at least on the drive to the store. Either way I would like to ride a bike since I have not all week.

Here’s a short beach vid I took about 6 years ago. Shows what I mean about winter beach riding. This was before Fat bikes were invented. We were always ahead of the curve here.

Today I will take inventory of Christmas stuff at the store and head out shopping this weekend to fill in the gaps. And try to promote the fitness studio better. Need to get the word out. I guess I just did.

Another item of note is that the Wisconsin Cyclocross Championship is this weekend in Waterloo,WI. And its going to be Saturday morning with up to 6 inches of snow predicted. That should be fun to watch. I wish I could be there.

So that’s it till Monday. Get outside and play in the snow.


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