You’re looking at the US Wilfred Sykes. It mostly hauls ore from the UP and Canada down to the auto factories in Chicago and IN. I’ll see it quite often now as the winter approaches. It sits in Sturgeon Bay to wait out the winter. He’s another pic of it last year in dock.

In cold storage last year.

Looking out at the lake this morn I saw 2 more ships but they were too far out to take a pic.

I have yet to see a Federal ship pass by but they do. The Volgaborg is headed this way in a few hours but I’ll be alone in the store to go see it. This ship is from the Netherlands. Id have to close the store to get that pic. If I time it right I could just be gone less than 10 minutes. Maybe I’ll do it. I’ll watch the radar to see if it gets close enough for a pic.

So Im pretty excited about the first snowfall that’s due late Friday, early Saturday. At first they were calling for a possible 4 inches but as I watch the storm it seems to be sliding south. Maybe just a couple inches now. Just enough to screw up the Saturday group ride.

I was not happy with Pinky and the way it shifted so I rebuilt it. The used  pink cable housing was so old and must have been pretty dirty inside. It could have been 10 years old. So I just put all new black housing. I also had to take off the pink wheels. As I thought they just have way too many miles on them for a fat guy to be riding them. So they are now in mothballs.

Took off all the cool pink stuff for stuff that actually works.

So here’s Pinky now. Not so pink. And gone is the fancy one piece bar\stem I complained about. It just didn’t work well with this bike.

So now the Saturday group ride might have snowy roads and maybe even some beach riding and I don’t have a good bike for either. I could throw on some cross tires on this bike and maybe I should but the 32c road tires I now use help me keep up on the road, but are useless for any beach or off road.

I might just keep this winter bike the way it is and just wait and see. It could be 60 degrees in a week. Who knows?

I was happy to see the fitness room fairly full last nite. It just needed some time to catch on. And now with the snow coming that will send even more roadies indoors. So I have high hopes for that in the near future.

I have a lot of ordering to do today. With the first sign of snow I sit down and go thru my winter sports stuff. I’ve got maybe half if it here and now will pull the trigger for the other half since the ground will be white.

Off to work.


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