Im torn this time of year. I love fall, its my fav season with winter a close second. So these days I never know if I should hope for early snow or wish for fall to last into December.

50 or even 60 degree days has the best riding weather I could ask for, but on the other hand this past weekend was a blast in the snow up in Hayward. I cant wait for that first ski this winter, or all the fat biking in the snow. Im really a winter guy and always say I’m moving north when I retire.

When the first snow hits (maybe this Friday) I head over to the State Park and get the keys for the groomer and help the guys get it ready for another winter of ski trail grooming. And then wait. The waiting is the hardest part.

Last year I groomed maybe 3 times, skied maybe 4 times. The year before last year was a banner year. I groomed 13 or 14 times that winter. I remember it was bitter cold a lot so actually I only got out on the ski’s 5 or 6 times that winter. Always in the single digits in the mornings before the store opened.

So last Sunday it was 60 and sunny. One week later its going to be 30 and snowy (I hope). I think Im done with Fall and will welcome winter.

Bring it on.

But all is not bright. The weather dudes say this year El Nino will keep things on the mild side. Above average temps, below average precip. Again, I hold faith in the those guys are wrong quite a bit, and they admit that things can change in a hurry. Lets hope so.

Winter sports helps the store survive long winters so again I say bring it on!


Wa da ya think?

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