Hayward Part Two



After a pretty long ride Saturday me and one other bugged out early and a few kept riding so that was my cue to head over to the lodge and get some nap time before supper. Saturdays ride started froze but toward the end it was getting a bit sloppy like it was Friday aft. I still needed a run to the car wash to hose down the bike. I spent 9 dollars just washing my bike last weekend. But my car got a wash too so its all good.

Saturday nite there was a fundraiser in Cable for the winter grooming operations and really was the reason I picked this weekend to come up.

Here’s what it was.

Was a very nice event. Good food and merch. I bought two tshirts. All funds go toward the winter grooming. They are boasting up to 50 miles of groomed trails, the same trails we were riding. I cant wait.

Sunday was another great ride, we again got up early to hit the freeze cycle and was rewarded with a great final ride. About a hour and a half for me and another. By this third day I was pretty sore. A good sore. In fact I woke up yesterday still sore but it’s better now.


And I even rode my bike to High Point. Which is what it says… the high point of the trail system. So I had my fair share of climbing. But like I say, they give it to you a little at a time so its not as bad.  After the ride I drove back to the Lodge, cleaned up and gassed up to leave. It was near 60 degrees Sunday around noon when I left. Its a long drive. Even longer when your cramping. I stopped in Minocqua for lunch and ate it in a local part there.

Id like to get up to Hayward again sometime in January and push the Marquette trip to February. We are all back here in early March for the Fat Bike Birkie anyway. Either way I look at it, I’m not up here enough for my taste.

Im considering doing the Fat Tire summer race in Sept too. But I’ll think about that one a bit more. That would entail training and that would not be a bad thing for me overall.


Wa da ya think?

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