Hayward Weekend Part One

Gorgeous. Sun and snow.

With the studio heavy on my mind I didn’t mention much about this last weekend. I knew it was coming but never really paid too much attention to it beforehand.

But is was one of those weekend you don’t want to come home from. As if on cue, Hayward ares got a good snowfall Thursday nite, and I was on the road heading that way Friday morn.

Sitting at my desk this morn, its weird how things went from summer, to winter up there and back to summer down here with temps 50’s and sunny this morn.

So Friday we all made it up there around 1pm, had some lunch and hit the trails. We rode Seeley Pass which is a very popular segment in the CAMBA trail system. The fresh snow made things a little wet as the temps were above freezing at that point. we did a out and back and on the way back we got pretty wet. A rear fat bike tire can sure throw the crap up in the air. It was apparent we needed to ride early in the mornings when the ground was froze, that that’s exactly what we did.


I could write several posts just on these trails. Every downhill corner is bermed. MIles of bench cut running around ravines, not up and down them. These trails are laid out near perfect and you can tell a lot of  man (and woman) hours were spent on these things. I’ll just go on record here. I haven’t been on every trail in the world but these are the best trails I’ve ever been on. Not to say Marquette isn’t an awesome trail system but I just personally prefer these better.

Early morning Saturday we got out for round two and at 9am the trails were froze firm and rocket fast. Kinda like the freeze\thaw the skiers get here its the early riders who get the best trail. And that was us.

26 degrees and solid trails had us flying. We rode from Mosquito Brook to OO trail heads and back. I turned back early and got in 2 hours 15 minutes ride time. A couple others show back up with nearly 4. After an hour and a half yesterday and the over two hours today I was spent and knew I was going to sleep good  Saturday nite. I hate to say it out loud but I was in bed before 9pm.

Motley Crew

I could not imagine riding those trails last weekend with nothing but a fatbike. The frozen trail was snowy and icy and I never slipped once. I can’t believe this myself but I never fell down all weekend.

This weekend was all about the riding. I never got into Hayward until I left and that was just to get a full gas tank for the drive home. We got up, had breakfast, hit the trails, got back just after lunch, took a nap, went out for dinner, went to bed. It was all about the trails. And with the snow cover really made things interesting and fun.

Today I’m trying to catch up this morning, and the studio opens tonite. I don’t expect a ton of riders but hope it catches on in time.

I’ll finish up the Hayward weekend tomorrow. Actually, we were in Seeley, not Hayward.


Wa da ya think?

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