Fitness Studio\Weekend

Almost done!

A week ago I would have said I was ahead of schedule but as I expected, the technical side of things took longer than I thought. But I’m thru it and the 60in TV is up and running!


All the time I was trying to get my computer to hook up to HDMI, buying a new video card for my old relic computer and low and behold, the TV has a media player built in! All I had to do is plug in a flash drive in the USB and all the videos on the drive play perfectly. These smart TV’s are something. So no computer even needed. The sound is pretty damn good too so I don’t think I need any external speakers.

So really its plug and play. So perfect. I really like the Sufferfest videos. Real life video along with data to watch. Im buying most of them.

Not a lot to do yet in the room. Clean it and do some final arranging of things…. then wait for Monday and see who shows….

How fast the week go’s by. Tomorrow at this time I will be driving up to Hayward for another weekend of MTBing. A month ago I got a feel for the trails and now I think I can navigate without help. I think. So no post tomorrow but I’ll have my laptop with me and Im staying in the same place as always so wifi is good. There is 3 others coming up with me this time. All on fatbikes. I wish I still had my 29+ wheelset. But the carbon 27.5’s are not bad either. Should be a good time. Will be back Sunday nite.

Then when I get back its game on for the studio. Im a bit nervous. I know it takes time to get this going. And right now my mind is racing a bit with thing to do before I leave so I need to stay focused today. Because I kinda feel like I wanna just check out early…. Next post is ???


Wa da ya think?

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