Nite Ride

This bike is as fun as it looks.

With Pinky not fitting me so well anymore I’m looking for another winter bike. I still have my 920. Still upsets me that I never got out on a tour with this thing this summer. I lose sleep over that.

But now I can strip it down for a pretty cool winter bike since its mostly road rides anyway. But remember one of my issues was the bar end shifters. I cant throw on a set of levers as the brakes are hydro. Well, I could but that would mean spending a ton on hydro shifters\brakes. But it has crossed my mind

So here’s my solution.

Take the hydro brakes off and put on cable brakes. Then you can throw on some normal road levers on the thing.


And here they are. Carefully remove the bar shifters, hydro brakes and levers, replace brakes with these guys and use any road lever you want. Problem solved. This project will be on the back burner tho…

So last nite we had a great nite ride. No pics. Had at least 20 bikes and I got to lead almost an entire lap. I thanked everyone for their patience with my crappy climbing. The temps plummeted and I froze. It was 50 and sunny all day but once the sun go’s down its a whole new world out there. By the time we finished there was a ton of frost on the ground and the trail was wet with it. There was none when we started. Such a huge swing in temp. I wore all the clothing I had along and was not too bad except for my feet which still had my summer shoes on. Temps had to be in the mid 30’s on that last lap. Cold toes. This ride reminded me that I need to bring every piece of riding clothing I have to Hayward this weekend.

For the last lap I led out again but there was no way I could hold that for another lap so I let everyone by. After I watched them ride off I decided to take a shorter loop and cut out the back side of the trail. So I was alone in the woods at nite.

Tooling along at a pretty slow pace I heard a noise. Twice. Like someone hitting two rocks together in their hands. Real fast for like, 5 seconds. I stopped and shined my light around the first time. Then just continued. The second time I did not stop and picked up the pace with my mind freaking out on me. To the point I was missing corners and clipping trees.

After a couple minutes I calmed down and rode at a normal pace (for me). It was weird for sure. Sounded like it was maybe 30 yards away the first time. I’ll chalk that up to my wild imagination.

Once back to the car it was only a few minutes before the others, who rode the full lap, showed up. We talked a bit and I left having a 45 minute drive home from those trails.

So now the TV is hung in the spin room and all I need to do is get the computer to shine on that TV and Im ready to go. That will be today.

As far as this weekend, Im going thru my bike today, I think Im going to re Stans the tires or at least check on the current condition of the Stans in the tires now. Just a little tune up and its ready to rock.

More on Hayward weekend prep later.


Wa da ya think?

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