Another Eagle Day!


Ha! Check that one out. Another eagle day in Danoville. The guy was sitting in the same exact tree that I saw my first eagle in the park. Even the same branch. That was in 2008. Maybe the same one? The new camera takes much better pics than the old one. Im sure I have maybe 20 eagle pics in the tree, but none that look like this.


Here’s what it looks like before I zoom in.

Its funny how I watch people drive by and they never see the bird. Once I watched a guy eating his lunch practically under the tree, oblivious that a eagle was watching him eat his Mcdonald’s.


Heres another version of the first pic. Pretty cool.

Like I said in the last eagle post, these guys will be around more and more. I’ve seen 3 in the last week but have not seen any in the prior 3 months. And what appears to be three different birds. Thats awesome.

So in the store Im up to my elbows in big screen, HDMI cables and updated video cards. All things I know nothing about. Im getting some good help from friends who live and breath this technology. I had the TV yesterday but late in the day decided to wall mount the thing so last nite I got a new mount. Also, Im using a older computer to play the media and need to update the video driver which is now called the graphics driver. At least I hope so cuz that’s what they told me at Best Buy.

So today I hope to have that thing up on the wall, hooked up to a computer and rocking a Sufferfest video.

All this going while Im prepping to take off Friday morn. As I type I still haven’t started preparing for another wonderful weekend in Hayward,WI. The weather looks iffy. Pretty good rain a few days right up to Friday. By the time we get there around noon on Friday it should be all over. Hope so. I also hear of a bit of snow on Friday but temps there look to be in the 40’s all weekend so nothing will stick.

Tonite is the Tuesday nite ride and for this one we are heading out on a road trip to New Fane so along with all the stuff in the store, and the pending weekend I’ll also be leaving town early tonite for that. So much to so, so much riding to slow that down.

I’ll let you know how that went. Should be fun.


Wa da ya think?

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