Weekend Update

Had a pretty good weekend with bike riding both days. About time.

Saturday had the first real breakfast group ride in winter mode. A mix of road, cross and mountain. With getting kicked off the land we rode on by the new owner this is going to be mostly a road ride unless the beach is froze and we can ride that. And if there really is a beach. High water levels erased most of it.

me in the middle.

But a bike ride is a bike ride and it’s been a long time since I was in a group with most of my rides being solo these days. And the winter rides leave from the south side of town so I can make these much easier than the summer rides. With most of the riders riding past the store on the way to the lot.

So off we went with temps just touching 40 degrees. Had a good ride but still am having bike fit issues with Pinky. Again, I do have the one piece bar\stem on it and its just not high enough for my current fitness level. I now have a different bar\stem combo to use and will get that on this week. Really, its me and not the bike.

Sunday was a nice ride in the woods. Almost two hours of what is comparable to a walk. The sun was out and the woods was warm. All I needed was a small base layer on top. I was going to go with just knee warmers but I didn’t even use those. Almost a summer kit. Another great ride for sure. I’m always torn this time of year. Do I want summer to hang on or do I want winter to get here. I want both.

Its going to be a big, short week for me here. Getting all the finishing touches on the fitness room. I now have a 60in TV sitting in my office. Will get that set up later today. I decided to use a computer that I currently have, the service computer which is not used much in winter, for running the media. It need a new video card so I’m getting help with that today also.

Along with all that’s going on with the fitness room, it’s going to be a short 4 day week for me as I’m leaving Friday morn for Hayward again. A few guys are coming up with me and we will ride. No snow in the forecast but that’s fine. One last summer ride on CAMBA’s trails is always a good thing. Love them. More on that later.


Sunday the US Undaunted slipped past. I see the little guy a lot. It’s a tug that gets mounted to a barge. It’s smaller and stays closer to the shore even in summer. But this ship hits up most of Lake Michigan. It’s always working. I just noticed it cuz it had its boom sticking up for some reason. This ship fits into the smaller ports.

That’s it for now. Going to be pretty good weather all week, or at least for the next couple days. Between all the craziness at the store and getting ready for the weekend I want to try and get in a ride or two before I leave.


Wa da ya think?

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