Nice Morning w\Ships


Just missed the perfect pic as they passed each other. Like eagles, the ships run closer to the shore as winter appears and you see more of them. On the right is the US Philip Clark. On the left is the US Sam Laud. Phil is headed to Green Bay. Sam is headed to Waukegan with a load of road salt from OH. I think Phil is running empty, not sure but he was sure moving fast. See the white strip on the front of Phil. Companies have distinctive markings on the ships they own. You see that exact white strip on several ships.


So its game on for ship spotting until they pull the plug when winter has a better hold of the lake. Then they port and use the downtime to freshen up. Some in Sturgeon Bay, a few more in Milwaukee. I also go visit them when their sleeping for the winter.


I didn’t ride this morn as planned. What else is new. I did do some scouting for the TV and computer for the new fitness studio. Looks like I’m not going the way of the DVD. All downloaded to a hard drive on a computer. So much nicer. Most likely a laptop so I don’t need to get a separate keyboard or screen. Just pick the media, and shoot the screen over to the TV, or just rum both at the same time. So that’s the plan and I will buy this stuff this weekend. Buy this weekend, set up and the room is ready got the grand opening on Monday the 16th.

The weekend looks like pretty good weather. Good enough to ride both days anyway. Tomorrow will be the long standing Saturday group ride. In winter it leaves from the store and heads south. It has always been a MTB ride but with the beach not frozen and no more woods to ride it’s pretty much a road ride. Its kinda a bummer that we lost the woods portion but a group ride is a group ride in my book.

Sunday looks cool but sunny. Most likely woods (I hope).

Get outside.


Wa da ya think?

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