Nice Morning w\Eagle


My first eagle picture with my new camera, well my first good one. Saw this guy hanging out along the lake on my drive into the store today. His head still has some dark spots on it. It takes several years for them to go white.


Remember this one from just a few days ago. Maybe two years old. No white at all. Has some growing up to do.

Soon the inland lakes will freeze over (or maybe not soon) and more eagles will come to the big lake to fish. Then I will seen one almost every day. Sometimes they hang out in a tree near the store. You can see them out the window. When winter finally gets here I ride the beach on my fat bike and am almost guaranteed to see one.


Here’s a pic from 2008. Saw this guy having lunch. He was not going to give it up.

My posting sequence is all screwed up. I posted late yesterday thinking that could be this morning’s post but then a eagle shows up and I gatta post again. I’ll just stick to morning posting. Its when I have the most time anyway. Unless Im riding.

Which did not happen today. The warmer temps and cooler lake has made things foggy in the morn. Yesterday I drove inland to ride and I did plan on a small road ride this morn too but it was just too damp. And visibility was a bit bad anyway. But just wait another hour and its sunny and warm but too late for me to ride. That window closes. Maybe tomorrow if its not raining. Temps are going to be 20 degrees cooler so no fog.

That’s about it for today.


Wa da ya think?

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