More Ride Time

20151104_101755 (1)

My assault on Indian Summer  continued this morning as I headed out to another trail system and got in another almost 2 hours in the saddle. With yesterday morning, then an hour on the nite ride, then this morning I have well over 4 hours on the Farley in the last 24 hours. I have some small plans to road ride in the morning but Im not sure as rain is moving in but maybe later.

I had to take the pink wheels off of Pinky as they were just so old and lost true in only 70 or so miles. I had those wheels since 2004 and then I bought them used on eBay. Lots of miles on those wheels and its time to just sell them for scrap.

Im now a Velocity dealer so maybe I’ll see what another set like it costs.

I am loving the Farley in the woods. The big tires have saved my ass more than once on the leaf covered rocks. That’s the thing with these bikes. You can rip it and not have to think about it so much. A lot less chance of falling down. And I’ve been saying things to that effect for years.

Im going to try and get more ride time so that it helps me lose some weight. Its just a matter of making or setting the time aside and Ive always had a problem with that. Scheduling my life is not one of my strong points. If I want to ride I need to set it up the day before. I rememeber when there was I time I could ride at the drop of a hat, but that was maybe 10 years ago. My life has changed since then.

Maybe with the addition of the fitness studio I’ll get some time on a trainer. I hate trainers.

For now I’ll just stick to the outside trainer.


Wa da ya think?

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