Native American Summer


So this morn I grabbed the Farley and headed out to the woods before work. We are in what I believe is “Indian Summer” which I think does not happen until after the first freeze. I’m not sure if it froze here or not cuz if it did happen it would have been the weekend I was in Hayward. Anyway, I’m riding in near 70 degrees at 10am. In November. Thats nuts and its going to stay nuts for another day.

I just tooled around. Saw a lot of hikers but no other bikes. About a hour and a half of ride time and got back to the store just 5 minutes before opening. I call that winning.

Here’s the raft that I use in my cross race. Now dormant until next year.

Tonite I have to work till 7 tonite but will jump in the nite ride late for just one lap. Two rides in one day.

To top that off Im set for another ride in the morning heading to West Bend for a ride with those guys. Its about a 45 minute drive to get there so I gatta start a bit earlier than they do but I’ll find them. Riding at New Fane.

The best riding of the year is now. And Im going to try and take advantage as best as I can. I could sure use the saddle time. And then some.

Get outside.


Wa da ya think?

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